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for flute, cello and piano (2001)
with snow sounds, electroacoustics and optional video part
duration is 16′


Snowprints (2001) for flute, cello, piano, snow, electroacoustics and video explores snow both conceptually and sonically. Snow relates to bodies through the analogy of “impressions” or “prints”. These snow prints are transformed by wind and changing temperature. The wind leaves impressions in the form of drifts; changing light creates shadow prints on its surface; and animals also leave their own fading tracks. In Alaska, I photographed and recorded the images and sounds of many types of movement in different kinds of snow. The sounds were then mixed into the electronic part, combined with three “digital prints” of the acoustic trio. The digital prints were created from a “Scanned Synthesis” string (by Max Mathews), a “Physical Modeling Synthesized” flute (controlled by a Theremin in Miller Pucket’s PD), and a “Granular Synthesis” piano. The orchestration of the composition is thus an acoustic trio of flute, cello, piano; and a digital trio of flute, cello, piano. The expressive noisy sounds of the snow bind the sonic world, creating a background environment for the instrumental/digital prints. Snowprints was commissioned for Trio Ascolto with support from the German Ministerium of Culture, Heidelberg.

Snowprints (2001)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and fixed media electronic track

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