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(2005) for trombone and computer sound, 12' 


instrumentation: trombone, with mute, prepared with tinfoil + sheets of tinfoil + fixed media audio playback


Aes/Aer (“Brass/Atmosphere”) is a composition for trombone and computer sound written for virtuosic performer, Haim Avitsur. The piece explores the material aspects of the trombone through physical preparations of the instrument and virtual augmentation of certain acoustic characteristics. Glissandi, multiphonic effects and microtonal melodic systems are expanded with the computer in an attempt to extend the reach of the instrument into the virtual space. The trombone is also prepared acoustically with sheets of thin metal (in the form of tinfoil) creating buzzing metallic effects. Sheets of tinfoil suspended on the stage allow the performer to move the projected sound in and out of resonant metallic areas. The metal preparations act as an axis between the virtual and physical spaces, an abstraction of the instrument as material. Aes/Aer is a celebration of both the forceful and lyrical characteristics of this marvelous instrument.

Aes/Aer (2005)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and electronic backing track.  

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