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Environmental Sound Art for a Sustainable Future


Founded and Directed by Matthew Burtner since 2009, EcoSono is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation dedicated to promoting Ecoacoustic music, a genre of environmental science-based sound art pioneered by Burtner since the 1990s. EcoSono Ensemble performs concerts for environmental-themed events, music festivals and scientific gatherings. The EcoSono Institute trains composers and musicians in the practice of composing and performing this kind of music. 


“As for Burtner’s music, if you think of what the term “eco-music” might sound like, this was it. There were amplified bowls of water — a la John Cage or Tan Dun — dripping and roiling under musicians’ hands; dried stalks of plants brushing and rattling at each other in hoarse whispery tones; birds’ feathers burr-burring when held against a fan; all interspersed with sharp thwacks of percussion and gently caressing flute lines and Edwards-Burrs’s lulling, semi-improvised singsong that, at some junctures, worked in words culled from audience comments on the app.

Anne Midget, Washington Post

Robb Walters

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