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(2017) for instruments, stones and electronics, indeterminate duration

instrumentation: any instrument(s) + stones + multi-controller + interactive software


“Catalog of Roughness” (2017) for instrument, sonic geomorphology and noise generators explores the texture of specific rocks expanded into the acoustic instrument (the score indicates "trumpet" because hte piece was composed for Glen Whitehead) and noise generators. The musicians explore the roughness of the stone through noise mimesis. “Catalog of Roughness” was composed for trumpet virtuoso and environmental activist, Glen Whitehead. The stones used in this first version of “Catalog of Rough- ness” came from Ute Canyon in Colorado. Geographer Brandon Vogt describes the geomorphometry (earth form measurement)

and geomorphology (earth form study) of these particular rocks as: Dawson arkosic (feldspar), c.65 million years old, weathered granite (grus), quartz, feldspar, other silicates, from denudation phase of Laramide Orogeny; Landform: Alluvial fans / fluvial deposits, with Lithobionts features (plants that live on rocks) of lichen (these both protect and weather rock); older dark rock coating; lighter are younger (silica glaze, desert pavement, others), freshly exposed rock (from spalling of surface layer of rock) is lighter and represents the true color of the rock. 


The work can be performed on any instrument or group of instruments reading the roughness profile, and using the Max patch which is included with the performance materials linked here.  


Catalog of Roughness (2017)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and a Max software patch. 

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