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(2013) for ensemble, computer sound and video, 45’ 


instrumentation: tenor saxophone, two to six cellos, and interactive software audio playback in six channel surround sound. tenor sax, violin, viola, keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass, two percussion (two bass drums, two glockenspiel, vibraphone, specially constructed "tectonic" and "seismographic" instruments) 


Deep Earth is a multimedia musical composition exploring geotectonics, seismology and human mining practices such as hydraulic fracturing. Commissioned by the NoBrow Media Collective and the Athens International Film Festival, the work features film and video in combination with live musicians. Each of the six movements of “Deep Earth” is dedicated to a scientist who advanced humanity’s understanding of the earth. The Athens Center for Film and Video generously provided the archival footage used to make the video part. The musical score of Deep Earth is performed live, and it includes parts for shale and excavated earth, and specially designed “Tectonic” and “Seismograph” machines.


in six movements:


1) Investigation of the Laws Observable in the Composition, Dissolution and Restoration of Land upon the Globe
duration: 6:06
for spoken voice, ensemble, two “tectonic” percussion instruments, and computer-generated sound (tenor sax, violin, viola, keyboard, electric bass, 2 percussion)
for James Hutton


2) Signal Tectonics
duration: 8:00
for amplified earth, two percussionists, “seismograph” computer instrument, electric bass, and computer-generated sound (2 percussion, 2 performers playing amplified earth, electric bass )
for Zhang Heng


3) Pressure Wave Shadows
duration: 8:00
for ensemble and computer-generated sound (strings, vibraphone, keyboard, bells)
for Inge Lehman


4) Carving Light From Earth
duration: 11:10
for ensemble, optional distance ensemble(s), electric guitar(s), and computer-generated sound (flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello)
for James Lovelock


5) Mining the Noise
duration: 5:00
for ensemble and computer-generated sound (indeterminate instrumentation)
for Yi-Fu Tuan


6) Spectral Dance in Shale
duration: 6:44
for amplified shale, ensemble and computer-generated sound (shale trio, pitched instruments, electric bass, non-pitched instruments)
for Alfred Wegener

Deep Earth (2013)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and fixed media electronic tracks for each movement, video parts for each movement, software for tectonic instruments.

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