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(2007) saxophone, computer sound and video, 12’


instrumentation: alto saxophone + fixed media audio-video playback


(dis)Locations (2007) explores the musical instrument as a displaced terrain, questioning instrumental embodiment. The saxophone was disassembled and its parts were physically scattered around the Virginia forest. The video documents the gathering and reassembly of the instrument on a fractured screen from fall leaves. Audio dislocation mirrors this process by relocating the listener inside the saxophone and then deconstructing the reoriented signal. The instrument was recorded listening to itself by playing one saxophone at another and recording the sound of the first saxophone filtered from the inside of the second. Like the disassembled saxophone, these sounds were fractured into short loops. 



(dis)Locations (2007)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and electronic backing track.  Video file available upon request. 

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