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(2007) for violin, alto sax, piano, percussion and computer interaction, 16’

instrumentation: violin, alto sax, piano, percussion (bell, amplified pencil on paper, sand paper, stones, guiro, amplified objects chosen by musician, musical saw, sax mouthpiece, three snare drums, toy piano, cymbal) + computer processing of amplified instruments and interactive computer part. 

MB note: The piece is in seven movements.

(dis)Sensus, commissioned by the Ensemble Integrales, Germany, creates a dialectic of dissent, each movement presenting a refigured aesthetic that explores new modalities of sensation. The piece begins with the percussionist writing on a piece of paper, a fragment of text from French political philosopher, Jacques Ranciere: “Dissensus is a modification of the coordinates of the sensible, a spectacle of a tonality that replaces another.” The scripted rhythms of the written text elaborate through an interactive computer part.

The percussionist plays the role of organizer/disrupter, at times mimicking or undermining the other performers and at times urging them together into consensus (always around the snare drum). But the percussionist refuses to conform to a shared purpose, introducing an aesthetic of dissent. (dis)Sensus was commissioned by Ensemble Integrales and premiered in Hamburg, Germany in 2008. The piece is part of a series of works on embodiment politics including (dis)Appearances (2003) for (dis)embodied string trio, (dis)Locations (2007) for alto sax, video and computer, (in)Stances for two performers, and (dis)Integrations (2004) for cello, piano and computer.

(dis)Sensus (2007)

  • The music, scores, electronic sound (including field recordings) and software associated with this piece are copyright Matthew Burtner, all rights reserved. The files published here are intended for musicians to perform in live concerts and they are offered for that purpose. For people interested in listening to the music, please purchase the published albums or visit the Soundcloud and various streaming links.

    Performers: When you purchase the performance materials for a piece from this site, it entitles you to perform the piece in live concerts in perpetuity. Matthew will also assist to the best of his abilities with musical and technical questions. The license acquired by purchasing the published score is limited to one person or ensemble and the rights to perform the piece do not transfer to others. Students and colleagues, for example, would need to download the files here themselves and pay an additional license fee in order to perform the piece in concert. The music is additionally registered with BMI who license and manage public performances.

    Museums, Libraries, media creators such as for TV, Internet and Film may download the files here but need to additionally arrange for grand rights performance or use before exhibiting, sampling or otherwise incorporating the work into a catalog, exhibition, or media product.

    The electronic sound and notated score may not be appropriated by any other artist or company for their own work without express written permission from Matthew Burtner.

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