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(2013) for percussion solo and ecoacoustics, 18’ 


instrumentation: one performer playing bamboo chimes, sea shell chimes, bowl of leaves, bowl of earth and stones, 2 wooden bowls in amplified water, maraca, wood block, high bell, wind gong, 3 crash cymbals ( 14", 16", 18" ), tam tam, bongos, 4 boo bams/ octabons, 3 roto/double headed toms (10, 12, 13/14” ), 18” tom, kick drum


In Ecotones, a solo percussionist makes music in counterpoint with some of the amazing soundscapes of our planet. An ecotone is a transition area between distinct ecosystems. For example, a marshland is an ecotone between land and aquatic ecosystems. Such ecological tensions may gradually blend between ecosystems or they may sharply abut. This composition explores sonic ecotones through acoustic likeness of distinct bioregions and coupling recorded soundscapes with ecoacoustic percussion music. It creates sonic ecotones between glaciers, volcanoes, forests, coasts, fire and coral reefs. Each section is articulated by a distinct soundscape and by a unique instrument combination. The percussionist plays traditional percussion instruments such as drums, rattles and cymbals, and also plays amplified natural materials such as dirt, leaves, water, shells, etc.

Ecotones (2013)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and an electronic track. 

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