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(1999) for saxophone quartet and computer-generated sound, 13:00

instrumentation: soprano, alto, tenor, bariton saxophones + fixed media audio playback.


Incantation S4-X (1998) for saxophone quartet and computer-generated sound is an expansion of Incantation S4 (1997), my first composition for solo saxophone. The saxophone quartet and computer-generated sound are conceived as equal elements cohabiting a single acoustic sound-space, and drawing sonic material from one another. The saxophones employ extended techniques such as multiphonics with varying spectral consonance, microtonal trills and circular breathing. All of these techniques were inspired by the granular synthesis signal processing used for the computer part. Similarly, the electronics were influenced by the warm and complex sound of the saxophones, and by the expressive fluidity of these instrumental voices. Incantation S4-X was premiered in Havana Cuba by the Havana Saxophone Quartet.

Incantation S4-X (1999)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and fixed media electronic track

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