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(2005) for struck and bowed pitched instruments, video and computer sound, 10:00

instrumentation: indeterminate struck and bowed pitched instruments + fixed media video-audio playback 


"Prismic Generations" employs a spectral-rhythmic system of sound and light. The prismic effects of light on ice inspired a musical system linking rhythmic and spectral mutation. Each partial of a justly tuned overtone series is assigned its own temporal identity linked to its frequency evolution. As timbre changes, polyrhythm also changes. The spectral composition goes awry as the overtone series and corresponding rhythmic system is compressed and expanded. 



Prismic Generations (2005)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and fixed media electronic audio track downloaded here. The video file will be transfered via file transfer following purchase. The video file contains the audio computer part imbedded.

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