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Profiled from Atmospheres (2017) for alto saxophone, percussion and greenhouse gas atmospheric sonifica- tions was commissioned by the Weiss/Soflin Duo with a consortium of commissioners. The piece tracks the three primary greenhouse gasses emitted by humans across the years 1959, 1987, 2015 and projected to 2050. The atmospheric profiles result in four chords that define the harmonic foundation of the piece. The instrumental parts also sonify the accumulation of these greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.


Eb alto sax (score in Eb)

Vibraphone and four cymbals
(each cymbal represents a state of atmosphere. They accumulate over time, as do greenhouse gasses)

duration is c. 10’00”



Brad Schilit
Michael T. Pratt
DeLane Doyle and Aaron Gochberg Esther Groves
Rhett Bender and Terry Longshore

Consortium Commission Members

Dr. Norman Weinberg
Madeleine Wing Adler and Fred Lane Luc Nadeau and Family
Joanne LaMotte
Dr. Rick Puzzo

Profiled from Atmospheres (2017)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and fixed media electronic track

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