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for percussion and glacier ecoacoustics


duration = 9′30"


“Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier” (2014) was commissioned by Brandon Bell with support from the Presser Music Award. The music was created from a recording of Alaska’s Root Glacier. The unique and visceral presence of glaciers is disappearing across the planet because we live in a time of ice melting. “Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier” tries to stop global warming through signal processing by freezing time, and suspending the listener within the melting ice. The piece was released on Burtner’s 2019 album, “Glacier Music”. The piece includes an optional video projection of image transformations from within the glacier (see video still image).

Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier (2014)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and fixed media electronic track

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