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(2016) for percussion ensemble and electronics, 6'

instrumentation: Marimba (one or two instruments, each with one or more players), Vibraphone (two players, each also playing a glockenspiel) 2 glockenspiel (played by the lib players), Xylophone, and other pitched instruments may be added, using the “Additional Instruments” part.


"As I listened to the sound of an ice rain crackle on the leaves of a magnolia tree, I wondered how the changing density, temperature and humidity of the air effects the speed and quality of the sound it carries. Sound should travel more quickly through precipitation. What would the ice rain sound like on a hot, dry day? Does all that ice in the air scatter and dampen the sound? In this piece, we hear the unaltered field recording of the ice rain on the leaves of the tree, and we hear the percussion depiction of the changing speed of sound."

Speed of Sound in an Ice Rain (2016)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and an audio backing track. 

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