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for squeaky toys and computer (2006)
one or more performers

requires the included Sxueak software for performance
duration is 6′


Toys should be chosen for “play potential” selected for:
1) variety of sound
2) visual impact (humor)
3) theatrical potential of twisting, squeezing, poking and otherwise massaging the toys
Part of the enjoyment of playing Sxueak is choosing the toys.

Each toy has a particular range of sound and lends itself well to particlar types of interactions. You should explore a variety of toys and arrive at your own decision about how to interpret the directions. Consider this “rehearsing”.

The graphic notation asks you to approach each toy for its play potential:
1) squeezability: the toy lends itself to squeezing in one hand and exhibits a strong character on inhale and exhale (squeeze and release).
2) pokeability: it makes a sound when poked, while sitting on a table for example. The softer rubber varieties allow this.
3) twistability: twisting the toy in two hands produces a variety of sonic contours.
4) rhythmic punctuation: the toy can be played in short bursts.
5) long inhale/exhale: the toy can create sustained sounds.

The same toy may work well for multiple parts.


"In making this piece, I tried to create an engaging and playful activity for the musician(s). I now leave it to you to create the experience for an audience." MB

Sxueak (2006)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and computer software (2022 version)

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