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(2004) for percussion and computer sound, 13:00

instrumentation: Himalayan singing bowl and assorted resonant metal percussion instruments chose + fixed media audio playback. Version for 8-channel audio diffusion (with or without percussion) 


MB note: This piece won first prize in the Musica Nova International Competition (Czech Republic) 


"That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies" is an immersive work composed for Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda Dome Room at the University of Virginia. The dome was imagined as an inverted Himalayan "singing" bowl, surrounding the audience. Speaker locations corresponded to modes on the rim of a computer-generated bowl. The sound is projected from a real physical bowl, expanded into a virtual bowl the size of the room. The work was created as an 8-channel sound piece with the acoustic bowl beginning and ending the performance. A version for percussion and stereo sound was created later. This version encourages a percussionist to expand the setup from the bowl to other resonant metals and play throughout the performance. 

That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies (2004)

  • Performance materials include the 8 mono soundfiles and a MaxMSP 8-channel player, a PDF file with instructions for a solo percussion version, and the stereo audio file.

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