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(2017) for harp and wind ecoacoustics


instrumentation: amplified harp + fixed media audio playback


The movement of air as wind from high to low pressure areas is directly proportional to differences in temperature. In our time of rapid global warming, the poles warm more quickly than the equator. One consequence of this lower temperature differential is the global reduction of wind speed, a phenomenon scientists call "global stillness". The wind is the breath of the planet, and humans have long thought of the wind as an expression of human breath and life, connecting the force of the world to the human spirit. This piece is an elegy for the wind. A consequence of global stillness is the increase of bursts of violent storms. The music uses a compositional model of global wind and also models the accelerating bursts of micro storms that violently disrupt the planet.

The Coming Stillness of Wind (2017)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and electronic backing track.  

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