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(2001) for viola, alto saxophone, piano, noise generators 11:00 

instrumentation: viola, alto saxophone, piano + portable noise generators moved in the hall (fixed media playback) + optional video part


Tingnikvik means “the time of birds flying south and leaves falling” in the Alaskan Inupiat language. The piece explores an ecological process by mapping systems from the environment into music. A slice of time in the late afternoon sun in a glade is mapped into music. Each instrument is assigned a specific parameter of the environmental system and the evolution of each of these components generates the linear motion of the instrumental lines. Unlike the movement of our everyday human life, environmental processes such as temperature, light, air pressure systems, etc, change relatively slowly. Similarly, this piece moves slowly between acoustic states and does not attempt to contort the material or push it into traditional musical modes. This ecoacoustic approach attempts to capture the experiential rituals of environmetal natural processes and to uncover the magical engagement we feel when coming into contact with such systems of transformation.

Tingnikvik (2001)

  • Performance materials include a PDF score and fixed media noise generator track

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