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(2005) for flute and percussion, ca 8'00" 

instrumentation: flute and percussion (glockenspiel, sand paper, small stones, rattles, large hand drum, three toms, large muted bass drum.

Windgrains notes:


“Windgrains” explores the effect of wind on grains of ice, sand, rock and wood. The percussion part centers around a large hand drum, here treated as a ritual object situated between the human and natural worlds. The flute, representing wind, interacts with the percussionists instruments of rattles (wood), sand paper (sand), pebbles (stone), and bells (ice). The flute, a wind instrument coupled with the performer’s breath, represents the connection between the human spirit and nature. “Windgrains” is an eight minute composition framed by two optional sonic rituals. The optional prelude and postlude sections use the same performance configuration and are flexible in duration. The sound rituals may occur just before and after the piece, or they can be separated from the main movement, for example placed at the beginning and end of a mixed concert. “Windgrains” was commissioned by Alaskan flutist, Tabatha Easley and was first performed by her with percussionist, Scott Deal.




Percussion: glockenspiel, Sand blocks, small pebbles, maraca or similar rattle, large hand drum, high, medium and low floor toms, large muted bass drum.

Windgrains (2005)

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    Museums, Libraries, media creators such as for TV, Internet and Film may download the files here but need to additionally arrange for grand rights performance or use before exhibiting, sampling or otherwise incorporating the work into a catalog, exhibition, or media product.

    The electronic sound and notated score may not be appropriated by any other artist or company for their own work without express written permission from Matthew Burtner.

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